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Tile Global was conceived by The Tile Store Inc. as a means of employing the internet to offer fantastic European tiles in North America that would otherwise be unavailable. In addition to the great special order pricing available on one time imports, Tile Global offers very reasonable prices on our stock items. Our 3 decades of experience as a tile wholesaler provide us the understanding to ensure you get the correct tile for your project.

Designers, architects, and ordinary homeowners can now order all the latest tile styles direct from Europe.Tile Global can offer substantial savings on special orders as we do not have to warehouse these products. We have fewer overhead expenses and we pass along the savings.

We also understand the nature of selecting the proper tile for any given space or application. Choosing a tile product based on a photograph is a risky proposition at best.

Yet one can buy virtually anything on the internet today sight unseen.

Which is why we are partnering with tile showroom locations to work with you, the internet customer, and provide a physical sample that you may inspect and be certain you choose the correct product.

In the event there are no participating locations near you we can offer to obtain a sample of the desired item for a nominal fee.


Special ordering tile from around the world has never been easier. We will get you what you want, and we will get it quickly, painlessly, and without major hassles.